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Energy storage system installation in Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas’ HPP

Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba has started preparations for 1 megawatt energy storage system installation in Kaunas Algirdas Brazauskas’ HPP. Operating in synergy with the plant, the new storage system would become the first and the biggest innovation of this kind in the Baltic States.

Using a unique algorithm, the storage system would allow to provide a high-quality frequency containment reserve (FCR) service, compensating the asymmetries in hydro-unit operations. Moreover, successful synergy of the hydro-unit and energy storage system could become an important source of primary reserve. These (ancillary) services will be crucial for Lithuania after 2025, when it will join the continental European network and leave the BRELL ring. As for today, FCR services in the Baltics are mainly provided by the Russian power plants, operating in the post-soviet BRELL energy ring.

Due to the growing demand for autonomous FCR services in the Baltics, the innovative energy storage system later may be adopted for the much larger hydro-units in the Kruonis pumped storage plant.

Completed works

The company plans to announce a tender procedure for the procurement of the energy storage system equipment at the start of 2019.
The storage system is expected to be completed in 2020.


Successful implementation of the energy storage and hydro unit synergy project would:

  • Secure independent provision of ancillary services within Lithuania;
  • Expand the possibilities of the existing infrastructure;
  • Improve the management of the imbalances in hydro unit operations – this advantage could later be used in other energy infrastructure objects, creating favourable conditions for further RES development.